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About ClearExam
Feel confident and be prepared, from day one of preparation to selection day.

Who We Are?

While this page is all about us, we’re all about you.


About Our logo ,The North Star: A symbol of Inspiration and Hope

ClearExam symbol is derived from "North Star aka Polaris", an ancient symbol that depicts inspiration and hope to many and is as real as it is inspirational, and as spiritual as it is celestial. At its heart is an  8 pointed star derived from the compass rose that signals the brand's commitment to excellence in everything it does.

North Star is also a landmark, or sky marker, that helps those who follow it determine direction as it glows brightly to guide and lead toward a purposeful destination. As we look within ourselves, we can seek our own internal compass that can guide us. We can discover and develop the gifts that we already have that can help us move forward as individuals and as a community.




ClearExam is  a full-service coaching institute for K12 level entrance exam. It operates mainly on IIT, Medical, Law, Management entrance exams. ClearExam is a perfect cue for an educational company which pushes back the boundary of test preparation and creates seamless experiences. It also conjures up the image most associated with expert coaching which helps students to crack the entrance exams.

ClearExam is a coaching institute as well as learning platform where you can access over a large number of course-specific study resources contributed by a community of faculties. You'll find practice problems, study guides, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations for every subject you're studying.

With ClearExam you'll get the guidance to take on the toughest assignments, gain a deeper understanding of core concepts, and study for exams for your courses at your school. When you study with CLEAR EXAM, you will be prepared to tackle many competitive exams with confidence.

  • Vision

    Reach a million,Teach a million


  • Mission

    Impart quality education to meet the needs of the profession and society, and achieve excellence. Attract and develop talented and committed human resources, and provide an environment conducive to innovation, creativity, team-spirit and entrepreneurial leadership.

  • Value

    We're Fanatical

    We Honor Passionate Teachers. We believe that teachers with passion can change the world for the better. 
    Our love for education, culture & technology ignites the passion for everything we do.


    We Get Things Done

    We are relentless about execution and pride ourselves on shifting quickly from decision to delivery. Our can-do attitude, focus and willingness to take ownership drives our success and ability to scale.



The Story Behind Our Story

CLEAREXAM had its origination by Mr. Rajan Aggarwal (Founder, CLEAR EXAM) in 2011. Prior to this, his interactions with the IIT JEE and medical aspirants while teaching them made him realize that he immensely enjoyed teaching. His flair of problem-solving with utmost ease, soon became his passion.

In 2014, Ms. Akanksha Jain (Co-Founder, CLEAR EXAM), pooled in her expertise and efforts and the duo set out to achieve their common goal of providing the students with the most feasible coaching without compromising on the quality of tutelage.

What started as a compelling desire has now flourished into a full fledged establishment. CLEAR EXAM has maintained its progressive success years through the years which passed by. Still, every year CLEAR EXAM sets new benchmarks for itself. Combined with the efforts of its teaching faculty and management, it aims to make its mark as a foremost name in quality training for IIT-JEE and Medical Entrance Examinations.

Welcome to ClearExam, where the emphasis is on Making a Difference in the lives of both students and parents by facilitating them on the toughest journey of a student’s career from start to finish. We invite all interested parents, community members, educators to become part of our success story.

Rajan Aggarwal

IIT Madras

Greetings, Every day when I walk into the office, I feel a sense of honor, delight and responsibility. We at CLEAREXAM are committed to our students success. Here we see our role as mentors/partners, with the help of parents helping students to achieve success in their respective exams.

Akanksha Jain

IIM Banglore