The Team
With over 10+ years of experience; ClearExam faculty is a brilliant mix of test prep gurus, curriculum experts and industry leaders.
Core Team
  • Rajan Aggarwal

    Rajan Aggarwal

    Founder, CEO

  • Aakansha Jain

    Aakansha Jain

    Co-Founder, COO

Management Team
  • Mansi Somani

    Mansi Somani

    Chief Human Resources Manager

  • Vijay Pandey

    Vijay Pandey

    Chief Academic Manager

  • Vijay Pandey

    Vijay Pandey

    Chief Content Officer

  • Sonia Chohan

    Sonia Chohan

    Chief Sales Officer

  • Khushboo Khurana

    Khushboo Khurana

    Student Service Officer

  • Anurag Joshi

    Anurag Joshi

    Chief Strategic Officer

Faculty Team
  • Rajan Aggarwal

    Rajan Aggarwal


  • Itti Gupta

    Itti Gupta


  • Amit Singh

    Amit Singh

    Higher Mathematics

  • Shivani Gangvania

    Shivani Gangvania


  • Himanshu Gupta

    Himanshu Gupta

    Faculty (Mathematics & Reasoning)

  • Ankit Jain

    Ankit Jain

    Legal Aptitude

  • Avinash Singh

    Avinash Singh

    Faculty (English)

  • Vidhi Madaan

    Vidhi Madaan

    Faculty (GK, Current Affairs & Polity)

  • Jagdamba Prasad

    Jagdamba Prasad

    Faculty (Environmental Science, Science)

  • Meenu Sharma

    Meenu Sharma

    Faculty (Child Development & Pedagogy)


Our Leadership

Setting the tone, sharing the ambition, changing tomorrow.