• Course Commences from : 09.04.2020 | Course Ends on : 07.01.2022

SPECTRUM Two-year Classroom Program for JEE Main 2022

SPECTRUM is an exhaustive program for students currently studying in Class X/XI and would be appearing for JEE Main 2022. It is designed to inculcate the habit of conceptual learning in students.

Spread over a span of 2 years the program is designed to help students transition smoothly from class 10th to 12th and build a strong grasp over the concepts of subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics.

Besides Classroom Session and comprehensive courseware, Online Test Series will also be provided to students. This will help in assessing and improving their performance, besides introducing them to the pattern of the competitive examinations.

Teaching Methodology

Preparation for Board Examination

  • Classroom Teaching & NCERT Book Discussion
  • Clear Exam Board Worksheets (CBWs)
  • Smart Study Material (Sheets/Modules)
  • Board Pattern Tests (BPTs)
  • Doubt Resolution Classes
  • Support for Practical (Physics & Chemistry)

Preparation for JEE Main

  • Classroom Teaching
  • Daily Practice Problems (DPPs)
  • Study Material
  • Full-Length Tests (FLTs)
  • Part-Length Tests (PLTs)
  • Doubt Resolution Classes

Teaching/Learning Tools

  • Daily Practice Problems (DPPs): A handout is given to each and every student, consisting of the daily synopsis of the classroom tutorials, along with problems for home assignment. A DPP for JEE Main has 7-10 problems at an average. 
  • Board Worksheet: Questions similar to the ones asked in the main examination are provided to students in the form of worksheets which is a replica of the main examination answer sheet. Students after completing the worksheet; have to submit it for evaluation. It ensures the written practice of students for board examinations.  
  • Study Material (Sheets/Modules): Topic wise study material having key concepts, problems for practice in various Exercise Levels and previous year questions (Board/JEE Advanced).   
  • Periodic Tests: Periodic Tests designed according to the official test format serve as periodic milestones where students assess their performance throughout their duration of preparation. These tests comprise of Topic-Syllabus Tests (TSTs), Part-Syllabus Tests(PSTs) and Full-Syllabus Tests (FSTs). All tests are conducted on the pattern of JEE Main in offline mode. Board Practice Tests(BPTs) are also conducted.


  • The Institute reserves the right to increase/decrease the number of lectures allotted to any topic and also make changes in the sequence of the topics of each subject depending upon the course requirements.
  • This Course Planner in all respects is applicable only at Delhi (Clear Exam). At other Clear Exam Study Centres, Students/Parents may find some ‘minor’ variations to accommodate City-specific features/factors.
  • The Topic Start Date mentioned here might vary for batches starting on different dates of the particular course. However the coverage of the content in any topic shall remain the same, it is done by altering the frequency of proposed/planned lectures in a particular week.
  • The information given in this Course Planner is proposed for Academic Session 2020-22. The Institute reserves the right to make changes in it in the interest of students.

SPECTRUM 2022 Course Overview

A program which focuses on building up the fundamental concepts of every subject required for JEE Main, board exams as well as other engineering entrance exams. CLEAR EXAM aims to develop the trait of analytical thinking within the students during the course of this program.

  • 1559042761_5ced1ac9e2906.png 39 Weeks of course duration
  • 1559042761_5ced1ac9e35fa.png 450+ Lectures Sessions
  • 1565266529_5d4c1261eaf8c.png 700+ hours of classroom sessions
  • 1565266529_5d4c1261ec6e4.png 100+ additional hours of doubt solving
  • 1565266529_5d4c1261ed52e.png 70+ hours of testing your preparation
  • 1561707250_5d15c2f206c29.png Duration
    From April 2020 to March 2022
  • 1561707250_5d15c2f207f5a.png Eligilibity
    Students presently in Class 10th/11th
  • 1561707250_5d15c2f208de9.png Location
    Nirman Vihar, Delhi
  • 1561707250_5d15c2f209c83.png Fee
    Fees will be evaluated on the basis of the student’s performance in Scholarship Tests. Kindly visit the nearest centre, for more information.
  • 1561707250_5d15c2f20a98b.png Admission
    Admission to this programme is made only through Clear Exam Talent Support Exam (CTSE)

Our Winning Strategy - 3A’s approach

  • 1561707331_5d15c3434a140.jpg

    icon1 Aim for Success

    Setting Goals is the first step in turning the invisible dream into a visible result.

  • 1561707331_5d15c3434bf19.jpg

    icon1 Accelerate towards Success

    Accelerate your preparation by attempting part, combined and full tests of your target exam in the Real Test Environment.

  • 1561708154_5d15c67aa15ca.jpg

    icon1 Audit to get Success

    Subject & concept wise strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve help you better understand your test performance and improve faster than others.

Learn from the Best Teachers

  • 1579758071_5e2931f77943d.jpg

    Rajan Agarwal ab

    Physics Faculty

  • 1579758071_5e2931f77a716.jpg

    Itti Ma'am ab

    Chemistry Faculty

  • 1580984867_5e3bea23275f5.jpg

    Amit Sir ab

    Mathematics Faculty

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Why choose CE’s JEE Main Coaching Classes?

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    Get Taught by Best Faculties

    Inculcate the trait of smart study with CLEAR EXAM’s teaching faculties. Imbibe the necessary tips and tricks with us.

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    Most Trusted Results

    CLEAR EXAM has seen an exponential rise in the number of successful aspirants. Boost your overall performance with us.

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    Result Oriented Pedagogy

    Execution of the best teaching methodologies in a conducive environment. We promote healthy competition.

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