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Best institute to prapare for DU LLB Entrance Exam. Very interesting way of teaching which makes you fall in love with the subject. Thanks for the support!

Abhishek DU LLB CLC

When i first joined this dullb coaching in delhi, I was zero in starting but they provided me a lot of guidance, direction, support and motivation for exams.


Faculties and environment of ClearExam is very good. CRO provides proper information on time. Management is very co-operative and helpful to the students.

Riya Pandey
Riya Pandey DU LLB CLC

The best thing I like about ClearExam is that it was always successful in making classes very interesting by providing amazing teachers and healthy environment.

Vartika Shukla
Vartika Shukla DU LLB CLC

ClearExam is best DU LLB Entrance Coaching and is one place where teachers work harder than students. I shall always be indebted to all of you. 😊

Best DU LLB Coaching

Why ClearExam?

Best In-Class Faculties

We have a rigorous faculty selection process to ensure the best quality for our students. At Clear Exam, Study from young, energetic, and passionate teachers!

Focus on real Learning

Writing notes can be a distraction while listening to faculties in class so we provide class notes and related material after class lecture, no need to note down anything!

Stay Connected

We send regular motivational quotes and vocabulary words to help our students stay motivated during preparation!

Meet our Faculties

Some teachers enter the profession because they're eager to make a difference. People tend to remember such teachers for an entire lifetime.

Aman Chaudhary

Aman Chaudhary

GK & Current Affairs Faculty

When I see so many youngsters so curious about learning current affairs, it makes me feel happy and I want to impart all the knowledge and experience I’ve acquired to help these students make a bright career in the field of law. Looking back on the past years, I have taught many students and most of them made it to the top law universities like NLU’s and Faculty of Law. Also, I always encourage the student to pursue the field of law. So, Come & experience my class.

VK Mahajan

VK Mahajan

Verbal Faculty

I have a total of 15 years of professional experience in educating individuals for various competitive examinations using the English language. To enable students to understand ideas more effortlessly, increase retention and recall, and manage time effectively during tests, I use a variety of unique tactics. If you want to see the way I teach, give us a call.

Rajesh Chaudhary

Rajesh Chaudhary

Logical Reasoning Faculty

With a teaching experience of more than a decade, I have helped and guided many students in landing admission in top universities. Because of my vast experience, I’m extremely familiar with the exam pattern and I believe I can help the students gain better conceptual clarity as well as help them score better in logical reasoning. . While teaching my main focus always remains on concept building with helpful tips that they can easily remember, and techniques & shortcuts that can help them solve the questions in less time with better accuracy.

Upto 50% Scholarship based on Merit.

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    Best DU LLB Coaching in Delhi

    DU LLB Entrance Exam Pattern

    Exam Mode Computer Based Exam
    Total Sections 5
    Question Type MCQ
    Total Questions 100
    Exam Duration 2 Hours
    Total Marks 400

    DU LLB Entrance Exam Universities

    University Seats Month of Exam
    Delhi University 2310 June-July
    Banaras Hindu University 384 May
    Punjab University 404 May-June
    Kurukshetra University 180 June
    Allahabad University 100 May-June

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I join DU LLB Coaching?

    Although there are 5 sections in the exam, and all of them have equal importance, you should focus on two sections, the first being the legal subjects. You should also study the latest news and current affairs, especially law related. Second, read as many books and newspapers as you can adjust to your time schedule. Joining a DU LLB Entrance Exam Coaching would be the best choice for you in this scenario as the faculty will teach you tips & tricks to solve comprehension problems accurately in less time since comprehension is a major part of exam pattern now.

    Can I Do DU LLB Entrance Coaching in 4 Months?

    Yes you can but only if you’re committed and sincere about appearing for DU LLB 2022 Entrance Exam. For those 4 months, you need to have complete focus and dedication towards your preparation. You should stay away from distractions & we recommend, get enrolled in ClearExam’s DU LLB Coaching In Delhi. Follow their schedule, give lots of mocks, be active in class, clear your doubts, and practice as much as you possibly can. Joining a DU LLB Entrance Coaching would not only help you with relevant study material but also with your preparation strategy.

    What should I study for my LLB Entrance?

    Although there are 5 sections in the exam, and all of them have equal importance, you should focus on two sections, the first being the legal subjects. You should also study the latest news and current affairs, especially law related. Second, read as many books and newspapers as you can adjust to your time schedule. Joining a DU LLB Entrance Coaching would be the best choice for you in this scenario as the faculty will teach you tips & tricks to solve comprehension problems accurately in less time since comprehension is a major part of exam pattern now.

    Is DU LLB Entrance difficult to crack?

    Yes, as it is set up by Delhi University and everyone knows that DU has high standards. But it’s not impossible to crack. And students like you only get selected in these entrances with their hard work & preparation. So, if you’ll prepare for it diligently, follow the proper preparation strategy provided by your DU LLB Entrance Coaching, and work hard consistently to improve your performance (analyze your performance by giving daily mocks), you’ll secure yourself a seat. Good luck!

    What is the best way to prepare for the DU LLB Entrance Exam?

    It’s pretty simple in theory actually, Choose the right DU Llb Entrance Coaching (we recommend ClearExam’s DU LLB Coaching in Nirman Vihar for best results) Follow proper preparation strategy (we recommend creating a timetable & assigning topics according to their difficulty & weightage level.) Give daily mocks, analyze your performance (work on your weak areas but focus more on strengthening the strong areas) Practice, Practice, and then practice some more (till you get the speed with accuracy both) Solve Previous year papers Be consistent in your preparation (be focused & committed) Have confidence in yourself & in your preparation

    What are the various Career Options in Law?

    There are various career opportunities available after law. A law graduate can find ample job opportunities in the public and private sectors. Top five career options after pursuing law are: 1. Private Practice 2. Legal Advisor 3. Public Prosecutor 4. Judge 5. Company’s Secretary

    When Should I start preparing for DU LLB Entrance Exam?

    There are two ways you can go about it. And that depends on the time you’re left with. ClearExam's DU Llb Coaching In Nirman Vihar provides its students with 3 courses: a 1-year coaching program, a 6-month coaching program, and a crash course program. So, we recommend going with the one which suits your time schedule.

    What is the difference between 3 year and 5 year LLB?

    There is no such major difference between five-year BA LLB and three-year LLB programme. The only difference is that the BA LLB programme also focuses on basic graduation level subjects apart from core law education.

    Are Questions repeated in DU LLB Entrance Exam?

    Yes, around 50 questions are repeated almost every year, that’s why so much importance is given to the previous year papers. For example, when it comes to ClearExam’s Du Llb Coaching In Laxmi Nagar, we make sure that our students have access to all the previous year’s papers and the answer key so that they can practice and can also clear up their doubts with the legal faculty.

    What is the difference between Advocate and Lawyer?

    The term Lawyer is very general and is used to represent any person in the legal profession including Attorneys, Solicitors and Barristers among others. An Advocate is someone who represents the client in a Court of Law to plead for release or compensation depending upon the prevailing circumstance. To become an advocate one has to qualify the exam conducted by the Bar Council of India which is All India Bar Examination (AIBE).

    Should I take Coaching to prepare for Law entrance exams?

    It depends upon the candidate and their merit. Coaching puts you into a discipline. Students usually find it hard to stay at home and take time out for studying for their entrance exams every day and end up neglecting it. Coaching puts you into the practice of going to the coaching centre every day or on weekends depending on the programme selected and then prepare.

    How to clear DU LLB Entrance Exam in first attempt?

    Don’t slack off, not even for a single day, and prepare sincerely. No matter i) how tough the topics get, ii) how low your score in mocks even after studying the topics well, iii) how well your classmates are doing, iv) If the level of entrance feels higher than what you’d expected, v) how many distractions are around you. Because it’s all about how serious you are about it. How badly do you want it? If you really want to clear it on the 1st attempt and will give it your best, your truly best, you will definitely clear the entrance in the first go. And to help you achieve your goal, ClearExam’s Du Llb Coaching In Delhi is there to provide you with expert guidance and tested result-oriented preparation strategies.

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     by Tushar

    I had a really good experience at ClearExam. No words for Ankit sir! sir is tremendously best at teaching. his words are so motivating that at the end of the day, I felt fully boosted up, motivated and confident. Though I joined only for the crash course, I enjoyed the warmth and affection for which ClearExam is famous 🙂 The entire team is really very good and helpful regarding the confusions, dilemma and always available. I believe no one in this world can teach law better than Ankit sir. sir is an inspiration for me and now my dream is to make his proud one day!

     by Lakshit

    I want to thank all the respected teachers of ClearExam for teaching me so well. I am sure my coaching at ClearExam will take me to places. Ankit sir is great and I am extremely fond of his. he is the absolute best teacher of law. Rajeev sir is impeccable when it comes to short cuts and tricks. Maths no longer scares me 🙂 Aman Sir is the most respectable person I've ever met. And Mahajan Sir is just like an elder brother. I have found a family in Team ClearExam and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. Best DU LLB Entrance Coaching in Delhi

     by Nirvi

    ClearExam has instilled me with immense knowledge and has boosted my confidence. I can't thank Ankit sir enough for being a constant mentor and a role model. sir's never-say-never attitude has really helped me a lot in realising my goal. All the teachers are very supportive and the kind of perakanksha touch shared by them adds to my great experience here.

     by Onkar

    Thank you so much ClearExam for all your help and services. I am really thankful to Ankit sir and Rajeev sir. I knew nothing about DU LLB and othis entrances but these two teachers really shaped my career in less than 2 months. Any amount of words would be less to express my gratitude towards my teachers. They are so friendly and kind in nature. They have inculcated knowledge as well as good moral values. Ankit sir has worked really hard for all of us. Thank you so much sir! You will be chisihed more than a teacher by me and whatever I become in future, I'll owe it to you. ClearExam is really magic!

     by Miraan

    It has definitely been a great journey with ClearExam family and its members. Thank you for treating me so well and paying attention to each and every problem I faced. I have never come across teachers like Ankit sir and Rajeev sir. I love the way they teach and feel overwhelmed by their positive nature. Mahajan Sir has always been a great support. Thank you to all of you for your invaluable guidance and affection.

     by Ritvik

    Ankit sir is clearly the finest and most influential teacher that I have ever come across. sir has made a profound impact not only on my career but also my perakankshaity and approach towards life. As a teacher, he helped me become not only a better student but also a better person! The way sir constantly inspires and motivates during the lecture is simply INCREDIBLE!!!!! I love you Ankit sir

     by Krish

    A very big thank you to all the faculty members of ClearExam and especially, my favourite Ankit Sir! sir is the pillar and strength of the institution. I feel blessed to be a student of Ankit sir and its been an absolute honour to have been taught by his. I owe my success in examination entirely to the efforts and endeavors of the team ClearExam which has been there in and out and supported me in everything. A very special thanks to Mahajan Sir for his constant motivation and bringing smile to us always

     by Priyansh

    I consider myself to be fortunate to be a part of ClearExam Family. This was not just a coaching centre for me rather much more than that. From this institution, I received not only excellent education but also a lot of love and affection. I don’t think that any othis centre gives this much attention to each and every student and treats them just like family. And especially Ankit sir!! sir is just awesome he is the absolutely best teacher I have ever met. sir’s beautiful nature and the way of teaching can’t be expressed in words. Sir A.K. Gupta is really good at teaching polity. Rajeev sir has no substitute and is the best teacher of maths as well as reasoning. Also I would like to thank Mahajan Sir for being a great support. Sir always solved all our problems and anxieties. At last, thank you to all for you for unconditional love and support. And love you Ankit sir !!

     by Vedika

    Aman Gupta Sir is the epitome of perfection and excellence!

     by Pranay

    I want to thank the entire team of ClearExam Law Centre for their support and excellent teaching as they worked for us day and night! A very special thanks to Ankit sir for being the not only the best mentor but also the best sister 🙂 I shall forever remain indebted to sir for what he has done for me. Thank you all!!

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