ClearExam Presents: A Live Interactive Session on Career Counselling (Session 1)

Get the Right Guidance to find your Career path and Discover your Potential!

Sonia Chouhan

02nd May ' 2021 3:00 PM

About The Host

Sonia Chouhan

Sonia is known for a lot of things, she is a Career Counsellor, a problem solver, a keen listener, and an observer, have the innate knowledge of various educational fields to guide the students in their career decisions.

She is the favorite among the students and has the most friendly and warm aura that befriends the students and makes them comfortable to talk easily about their fears and questions about their career prospects.

Sonia is an educational counselor who is very passionate when it comes to helping students exploring and planning their career options. She is very dedicated to working with students on their needs for career development. She Educates students on various entrance tests, their scope and future, interview skills, and professionalism.

As far as her educational background is concerned, she has done post-graduation in Computer Science and has experience of 8 years.

She loves to help them understand the career options that they have and what their dream careers are, and how to pursue them, and at the same time knowing the importance of having backup options. She helps them to understand their own strengths and weaknesses with regard to their present course or profession and lets them know what career they would be suited for.


What’s on the discussion table?

When it comes to deciding a career path, even in today's time, Many students unaware of effective career choices, choose the bandwagon of popular ones. This is not the right way to take one of the most important decisions of your life, your career. In this cut-throat competition time, students want to pick nothing but the best career track for a successful life ahead.

There are so many career opportunities that students by getting puzzled often take irrelevant courses and then suffer in an uninteresting job. Career counseling, therefore, is an important aspect to consider before making a career decision.

Here are the discussion points for this session that'll help you in planning a successful roadmap for your career and future:

  • Building awareness about different career fields and prospects
  • Why it's important to have a dream career with numerous backup plans
  • How does psychometric assessment help?
  • Various Entrance Exams, their eligibility, scope, and Other Important Details
  • Roadmap to select the right career path
  • Q & A Session to address your queries related to career prospects 

Every minute of the session will add weight to your overall score

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