Clear Exam
Why Clear Exam
We believe in creating a high-value meaningful educational experience which empowers students to grow and reach the pinnacle of success. Here’s how we make it happen.

Large pool of Faculty

CLEAR EXAM possesses a pool of competent and committed faculty for all the core subjects.

We ensure that best faculties are appointed to teach our students. We take in the fact that each subject holds equal importance for the students and they need the best possible guidance. We make it a point to see that the students are satisfied with the appointed faculty by taking regular feedback.


Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology of CLEAR EXAM focuses on empowering students to excel in all subjects irrespective of their difficulty level.

Our teaching methodology focuses on strengthening the fundamentals and the basic concepts of the subject. Our unconventional teaching helps students to be well prepared in advance to face any type of questions and to ace any exam irrespective of the pattern of the exam.


Competitive Environment

CLEAR EXAM’s classroom has a conducive yet competitive environment designed to bring out the best in the students.

The healthy craving to outperform their peers eventually results in surpassing their own potential. Our classrooms have an air of competition along with team spirit.


Study Material

At CLEAR EXAM you are provided with an Unmatched Study Material

Our Study Material is specially sculpted by our experts and scientifically prepared to ensure comprehension of the most difficult topics. The study material focuses on building up the fundamental concepts. The study material is updated and revised every year. It covers every aspect of each topic making it completely self-sufficient.


Optimum Batch Size

Students receive more individual attention when there are fewer students per faculty member.

With a low student-faculty ratio, the teachers can provide individual attention to each student. The students will have more opportunities to get involved in class discussions and ask questions. We don’t believe in cramming students into a large batch size, and leaving them feeling unsatisfied with the pedagogy.



Producing Top results across various entrance exam domains and other Competitive / Scholastic Exams has become a habit of CLEAR EXAM.

We are highly result oriented, and have been consistent with a huge number of selection in various educational domains. Moreover, we always claim our results with utmost integrity without misrepresenting the facts.